22 Jun 2015

Photoshop in subscription – about $10 per month

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CC 2015, the new Photoshop, has just been premiered. Many people don’t understand at all what Creative Cloud is about and what it means to buy PS in subscription instead of in a box, so I will try to explain to you how it works and whether it’s actually profitable.

The evolution

I saw no big difference between Photoshop CS2 and subsequent versions until CS5.5. The change from 32 to 64 bits was certainly a breakthrough, but the use of the program itself remained the same. CS4 featured Vibrance filter, which I use in many ways, but it was only Photoshop CS6 that made me feel much better while retouching: an incredibly improved speed and saving files in the background were the most important changes to me, but there were more of them. That was the last Photoshop available to buy according to the old rules, that is, by spending a substantial sum of money in advance and getting the program to have it forever (at least in theory). Instead of CS7 you may now get Photoshop CC: the version to buy in subscription.

CC did introduce a few improvements, but they were insignificant in retouch (they were a bit more useful in general editing of photos). The latest version from 2015 changes a lot more to me, though. The priority was to make the program faster, so the skin correction tools were souped up pretty much: the Spot Healing Brush and the Patch Tool now work many times quicker (120 times according to the announcements). Still, I’m much more interested in the Healing Brush (not the spot one). This one currently works live: if you correct anything, you can see the changes immediately (in previous versions, the final result was loaded only after you had finished the corrections). Read more

15 Jun 2015

Beauty dish – the magic of hard light

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I very often use a beauty dish as the key light, so I’ve decided to devote this post to it and thus give people unfamiliar with the topic a chance to learn what it is. It’s usually true that the softer the light, the better. Well, perhaps I am generalizing too much, but such is the widespread conviction. If I direct a light with no modifiers at my model, I will obtain hard light and the photo will look disastrous – coarse skin, hay-like hair and exceptionally unpleasant shadows. If I soften the light with a modifier (such as an umbrella or a softbox) put on its source, the result will be totally different: the skin will be smooth and the shadows will become much prettier – they will be soft and will fade mildly. The BD is different: it provides hard light which, however, looks good. It is hard to achieve the same effect with any other modifier. BD is also called a small sun because it is said to provide light a bit similar to sunlight, though I do not fully agree with this. Read more

08 Jun 2015

The Power of Color by Dior

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In August 2011, my country hosted a competition for make-up artists, organized by Dior and blogmakijaz.pl website. Its prizes included Dior cosmetics as training with Alex Chatti (Dior’s chief make-up artist) and Julie Bodrier (Sephora’s chief make-up creator). Karolina Zientek, a make-up artist cooperating with me on nearly every beauty shot in my portfolio, concluded that we should participate. Read more

01 Jun 2015

Snow White cosplay

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Slightly over two years ago, two film versions of the popular fairy tale “Snow White” were shown in cinemas. One was an embarrassing comedy, while the other one – something much darker and appearing quite interesting. Karolina Zientek, my favorite make-up artist, concluded that it would be a good idea to take some photos of a girl stylized as Snow White. As I love cosplays, I supported the idea wholeheartedly. A few days later, we did the photo shoot described below.

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