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07 Jul 2015

The Vampire Diaries cosplay

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I have always liked movies related to vampires. Some of them are better than others, but I guess I’ve seen most of them. I definitely consider “The Vampire Diaries” one of the best (first few seasons). As I know a girl that looks VERY similar to the main character of the series, I immediately thought about a photo shoot with her. It took over a year to carry out that project, though; more or less in the middle of that period I discovered that my favorite make-up artist was obsessed with the series. She gets up early in the morning especially to see a new episode broadcast in the USA, then watches it again in the evening and in the meantime comments on photos of the main characters on their Facebook profiles. Other people willing to assist with the photo shoot were the hairdressers from Le’Prestige salon and my proven assistant Matt “Pro” Prociak. We finally did the photo shoot in March 2012, that is, during the second half of the third season of “The Vampire Diaries”. It was the time when I had just bought my first studio light. It was very poor and problematic, but I couldn’t afford anything better then. Read more

30 Jun 2015

Martini in Brick

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Brick is a three-level club in Tarnowskie Góry, Poland, situated at Krakowska street. It’s an avenue leading to the market square, with many shops, banks and the like: simply a city center, though very small in comparison to other towns. The bottom level of Brick has a dance floor for parties, at the ground floor there is a cafe and at the top level – a restaurant. I have taken photos on the dance floor many times.

On the official website you can take a virtual tour of the club and view the locations where the shots described below were taken.

This photo shoot took place in the second half of 2011. A lot has changed in my photos since that time, but let me come back to this topic later. I have done many photo shoots in Brick. I have also taken some beauty shots there because the dance floor has enough space to enable one to set up a mini- studio. Thus, before I started taking photos in the flat belonging to make-up artist Karolina Zientek, I had taken them in Brick, in Tarnowskie Góry. My own housing conditions did not allow for taking photos, nor would any model be able to find my place. Add to that the public transport consisting of one bus line, with one bus per hour (and sometimes per four hours!)…

Let’s come back to Brick. This time, instead of the dance floor, we headed for the top level – to the restaurant. We wanted to take shots over a cup of coffee, but, as is often the case, our plans changed during the work.

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15 Jun 2015

Beauty dish – the magic of hard light

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I very often use a beauty dish as the key light, so I’ve decided to devote this post to it and thus give people unfamiliar with the topic a chance to learn what it is. It’s usually true that the softer the light, the better. Well, perhaps I am generalizing too much, but such is the widespread conviction. If I direct a light with no modifiers at my model, I will obtain hard light and the photo will look disastrous – coarse skin, hay-like hair and exceptionally unpleasant shadows. If I soften the light with a modifier (such as an umbrella or a softbox) put on its source, the result will be totally different: the skin will be smooth and the shadows will become much prettier – they will be soft and will fade mildly. The BD is different: it provides hard light which, however, looks good. It is hard to achieve the same effect with any other modifier. BD is also called a small sun because it is said to provide light a bit similar to sunlight, though I do not fully agree with this. Read more

08 Jun 2015

The Power of Color by Dior

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In August 2011, my country hosted a competition for make-up artists, organized by Dior and website. Its prizes included Dior cosmetics as training with Alex Chatti (Dior’s chief make-up artist) and Julie Bodrier (Sephora’s chief make-up creator). Karolina Zientek, a make-up artist cooperating with me on nearly every beauty shot in my portfolio, concluded that we should participate. Read more

01 Jun 2015

Snow White cosplay

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Slightly over two years ago, two film versions of the popular fairy tale “Snow White” were shown in cinemas. One was an embarrassing comedy, while the other one – something much darker and appearing quite interesting. Karolina Zientek, my favorite make-up artist, concluded that it would be a good idea to take some photos of a girl stylized as Snow White. As I love cosplays, I supported the idea wholeheartedly. A few days later, we did the photo shoot described below.

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