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19 May 2016

Fashion photography in small rooms

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In a real studio, you’ll never face the problem of insufficient space, but you can often find yourself in pseudo-studios, which are too small or too low. Moreover, a photo shoot is sometimes taken with the use of a studio backdrop positioned in a flat (that’s my case). I’ve encountered the latter problem, i.e. insufficient height, but the methods of coping with it are similar to those of dealing with too small surfaces. Read more

14 Apr 2016

One light setup

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To me, lighting is a fundamental factor in photography and I guess that many of you share this opinion. People use one light at the very beginning, when they don’t have more equipment, but a photo taken using one light doesn’t have to be worse than a photo taken with two or three lights. As usual, it all depends on the result you want to achieve – and there are situations where one light is absolutely sufficient and more lights would simply spoil the effect. Another example is outdoor photo shoots, where lights only supplement available light: you can achieve a lot even with one light because you may use available light to fill the shadows or illuminate the background as well as direct it with reflectors. Studio photography has more limitations, but one light still doesn’t mean a poor shot.

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16 Feb 2016

A few words about beauty shots: A photo shoot with Alexandra Lech

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 The photo shoot with Alexandra was rather spontaneous, like most photo shoots I take. While browsing through, a portal gathering models, photographers and all other people from the industry in Poland, I found her profile and immediately thought, “This is it”. I rarely find someone so interesting – and from my vicinity, too. The girl was short, but she was only 14, so she still had time to grow. I was planning to take beauty shots, so the height wasnít important; what counted was the face and the silhouette (don’t tell me that the silhouette doesn’t matter in beauty shots: one may only ignore it if just the face and no more than a small fragment of the neck are going to be visible in the photo). Read more
15 Jun 2015

Beauty dish – the magic of hard light

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I very often use a beauty dish as the key light, so I’ve decided to devote this post to it and thus give people unfamiliar with the topic a chance to learn what it is. It’s usually true that the softer the light, the better. Well, perhaps I am generalizing too much, but such is the widespread conviction. If I direct a light with no modifiers at my model, I will obtain hard light and the photo will look disastrous – coarse skin, hay-like hair and exceptionally unpleasant shadows. If I soften the light with a modifier (such as an umbrella or a softbox) put on its source, the result will be totally different: the skin will be smooth and the shadows will become much prettier – they will be soft and will fade mildly. The BD is different: it provides hard light which, however, looks good. It is hard to achieve the same effect with any other modifier. BD is also called a small sun because it is said to provide light a bit similar to sunlight, though I do not fully agree with this. Read more